as you saw before, this [personal / writing] site is for 13+ only.

this site doesn't always work on mobile, so please view on a computer jfc. optimized for chrome.

there's autoplay for the splash and index pages, as well as the 404. yeah.

i vent my thoughts in my journal, and it's almost never positive. shit gets real. there's cursing.

my poetry gets a little confusing but still has dark undertones.

my characters represent aspects of me and my experiences, so they have bits of darkness and some patches of white.

there are some flashing black and white gifs, so if you're epileptic don't access this site at all.

i'm pretty nihilistic and angsty in general, so continue on if you're interested in the musings and ramblings of a teen

if you rip off anything here like the layout, gifs (except for my journal entries, characters, poetry) just please give me credit.

don't touch any of the aforementioned parenthesized things ^