1:52 AM
but i love you...
please don't leave me...
you don't know how i feel.
i don't love you.
please stay.
you're being so unfair.
i'm not capable of loving you. don't you see that?
i'm aino. i can't force myself to feel something for you.
i don't understand...
... i told you this the day you met me.
i'm just a vessel for your negative thoughts.
you tell me about all your shit, i take it, and you don't have to deal with it.
but i want to help you...
you've already helped me. let me take back my bad thoughts
that's not how that works, moth. you can't take back what you told me.
aren't you happy? the thoughts that made your scars don't burden your head anymore.
but they burden YOURS now! i don't want that for you.
it's too late, the scars have surfaced because of what you told me.
please... i want to take it back...
you should've thought twice about summoning me.
you've blocked this user.