5:14 PM
you coming over tonight
yeah, something on your mind?
can't this wait for a bit?
i'm with friends
c'mon girl get your ass over here
unless you wanna talk
WITHOUT the sheets
i'm not coming over
i got you wrapped around my finger.
if i can just smoke a lil i'll fucking summon you
you wouldn't dare.
i'm busy.
i got a joint right here
i got some fresh scars
from a bar fight last week
up and down my arm
don't fucking test me
i'm highggh aass a motrhfuckerr
okay okay i'm coming over
put that shit down please
that's my girl
kiss thesew scarss goodfnght
i'm here

damn i still miss you
you were gone when i woke up
that shit kinda hurt
there's always tonight lmao
this cold shoulder shit ain't fair
where you at
what the fuck
what's wrong with you ivory