[004] 9/19/19

i can't deal with her. she's so fucking unfair. i hate that from the moment i showed her the wrinkles in her face just fucking accentuated themselves as if they were trying to crumple up the fucking paper by themself. i hate that i hate it i hate it i hate it. i want to leave this fucking house and not see those disgusting expressions she makes with the wrinkles trying to crumple my face my determined fucking face. i hate it i hate it goddamnit i hate her. after such a nice day she'd just one up the fucking great future and crush it with the furrowed brow on her forehead. leave me alone.

[003] 9/11/19

gooOOOODDD my arms hurt because of those shotttssss. the doctor was straight forward so i didn't have a say in which fucking arm!!! she asked me about my scars and i showed her for a sec then hid my wrists.. other than that today was okay, got some new characters to redesign sdfgs thanks for reading.

[002] 9/4/19

SDFGFSADF SO MUCH CONTENT TO DIGEST. FIRST IT WAS SPINEL...... THEN IT WAS SANS..... sorry, i have no school tomorrow cause of Dorian, but i'm not worried aha, i think i feel better, reading yesterday's entry makes me regret it, but it's out there now !

[001] 9/3/19

is my art that bad? are my characters not good enough? what is wrong with me... i fucking need to change art styles in order to appeal to people... that doesn't feel right.. i consume so much and give so little, no wonder no one wants my shit anymore.. fuck !!