[007] 5/31/19

am considering revamping my entire website BUT FUUCK i have to study for exams goddamnit. i want to make it simpler and easier to look at, but also short as shit and straight to the point. i need to figure out what i want to use this for. fuck. i'm tired. my eyes are tired, blue light shit. i need sleep.

[006] 5/31/19

watching Akira for the second time. do not judge me. it's really dark, the computer is hurting my eyes. i need to focus on more productive shit. oof

[005] 5/30/19

still in school bitches, this is kinda becoming a daily thing around this time. i think i'll start working on character profile coding when i get home, just fleshed them out a bit more; by "them" i mean IIVO, June and Evyra (you don't know her). i'm starting to get more kpop songs on my Walkman. does that mean something? oh, and fucking summer in a week, i hate how it's only thursday, goddamnit. OH and if you're looking for cool html, just wait until i want to talk about myself. (ironic) sign out.

[004] 5/29/19

i'm typing this on a phone holy hell. i just realized something.. Markiplier's FNAF VR Let's Play got me through this week; i keep looking forward to each part haha it's funny to scare myself. i walked next to him today, what a head rush, if only he noticed my staggering steps. no site update for now until i flesh out my ocs personalities. goodnight.

[003] 5/28/19

victim victim victim. i came up with a phrase that had that word in it, but now i can't remember and i'm mad. i think i'm a bad person. it's really violent up there. this is fucking vague, don't mean it to be though. i should get checked up before i check out, y'know? out of school, life is good to me.. i think. no updates for the site, just this piece-of-shit entry. entries will be short and sweet and fucked up, so read all about it.

[002] 5/28/19

in school rn haha, i'm really bored.. and unmotivated to say the least. i really hope no one is looking at my screen. i just cannot stop thinking about this website, at all, updating it, fixing it, every fucking thing. i think i need to focus on something else, but i don't feel like drawing anything. what a dilemna. i want summer to be here, but again i won't have access to this over the first month of break. man i'm rambling i'll stop

[001] 5/27/19

fuck uh hope this shit works, i really don't know how to code for shit. sorry if this looks weird, this is just a test. i feel so tired haha, been doing this all day, hope y'all appreciate my hard work.. and art, those icons aren't easy.