[010] 6/24/19

hey. been a while huh? on a phone again. I have another two weeks before I get back home. been pretty busy touring and shit. my mind is pretty blank still, so I prolly wont be fixing up stuff until I get my shit straight. I'll be back in two weeks, maybe

[009] 6/10/19

who tf said i was quitting? me apparently. feeling conflicted tis all. i think. i need to get my shit straight is what the past few entries were about. SCHOOL'S OVER BUT I GOTTA LEAVE THE COUNTRY WEDNESDAY. Manila here i come... i'll reorganize characters so the text isn't so intimidating. i was running on the sentences to make it seem like they're important. i'm sorry, i'm a writer, run on sentences run in my blood. *laugh track*

[008] 6/9/19

i think i'll put this website on hold until i figure shit out.. my brain has been all over the place.. thanks for all the follows, but uh.. just stay here until i get back, that's all i ask; can't keep you here by my willpower, but just wait on me for some days..

[007] 6/9/19

man i'm fucking tired.. still got exams tomorrow.. sorry for not updating in a while. i'll try and get on that, but i'm leaving the country on wednesday so.. i might not be doing it so often.. thanks for reading..

[006] 6/7/19

holy shit thanks for 4000+ VIEWS !!!! AND 7 FOLLOWERS !!!! they're just numbers but they're MY numbers !! i'm developing character stuff rn, so i might update some profiles ! or not, my motivation is few and far between sldsdfg

[005] 6/6/19

i need to get my mind straight, like what the fuck do i want to do with this website. i'm all over the place hahaaa..

[004] 6/5/19

my eyes hurt. things ran away from me.

[003] 6/4/19

fuck exams are tomorrow and i need sleep. this might be short. will probably not update until the weekend, probably. send nudes help. starting to lose motivation again. oh boy.

[002] 6/2/19

the links don't work, again, just so you know. HEY Y'ALL CHECK OUT MY ART ON THESE PAGES JUNE and IIVO. sorry, caps lock. i'm prolly gonna update the other two main characters, Era and Aiyusae, once i figure out their personalities. i need to get my shit straight, y'know prioritize. sorry my about is looking blank, still thinking about what to put there without revealing too much. i need to study this week, like a shit ton, so updates may be slow, since i don't normally have the time to get on after hw.

[001] 6/1/19

the links don't work, just so you know. i updated two character profiles: IIVO and Aiyusae. please check them out. i spent some time on them, i want appreciation qwq other than that, i fucking hate alexa. my sisters are asking the shit out of her, it's annoying as hell. i need some time away