[004] 7/31/19

welcome august, another fucking month before i go to brain camp. i think i'll archive older journal entries because.. no one has to be reading that shit. uhh yeah

[003] 7/16/19

my eyes are dissociating out of my head... i feel so out of me. am i the right sense? i can't focus..

[002] 7/11/19

thanks !!!

anyway, i'm still figuring out what layout i want for displaying characters in relation to each other. uhm that's it for now.

[001] 7/9/19

wow. fuck. everything is sore. jet lag kills motivation. i'm planning on changing the site up a bit more, as well as updating some character profiles and shit, since i've redesigned a lot of little shits. i need to get back into drawing digitally again, so the updating will take some time. don't know if i want to change up the way things look now. buuut the plan is to keep updating daily, but limit the time i have the screen for since i don't think i want to do that all summer again. oh and i had a lot of spastic dreams while i was in the philippines.. might make a dream journal too, since i write most of them down (by write, i mean basic keywords to jog the memory, so gibberish). until the next entry.