a tranquil place for you (or me) to relax.

still a work in progress

need some reassurance ? click here.

you've made it this far, keep going
if not for your sake, then have someone in mind

you are in control of your actions, who you interact with
don't doubt your ability to move on

it's okay to feel like a monster sometimes

it just reminds you of the parts you need to fix
it tells you where the pain is, and shows what you should focus on

just remember that the monster doesn't define all of you;
the monster doesn't and shouldn't control you.

the monster is a part of you,
and you control the parts that hurt and don't hurt.

it'll hurt less when you release in a healthy way.
tell someone you trust. write it down. yell it out.

there isn't enough space in your head for both your monster and yourself,
so decide to stay and let the monster go

enjoy this playlist, or not, you're in control of your life.