an · chor



  1. a person that keeps me sane, tied down to a shared reality.
  2. you're the only thing i keep coming back to.
  3. you're the only thing i can't let go of, lest i drown and sink to a lower level than when you found me.

mi · rage



  1. an attachment, to something nonphysical but i know you're there.
  2. even if we can't see each other, you're still somehow mine.

sil · ver lin · ing

/ˈsilvər/ /ˈlīniNG/


  1. someone i love being around, someone i always look forward to talking to.
  2. you aren't a burden, you make me a better person.
  3. because of you i can let go of so many things that happened in the past.




  1. the action of continuing.
  2. the state of being with me.
  3. you haven't left, you promised you'll stay.
  4. i'd rather be with you anyway.