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chara-idea-generator shit

context : i deleted a folder that had the same page, and it deleted the page with shit like this on it, so yeah
from here
cream and brown anglerfish. it glows softly and gently- evidence of a heavenly being. it is a hired killer.
abyssal owl. numerous eyeballs float around it. watching. waiting. when you see it you are filled with an ancient fear.
wooden cat. it is always blushing.
shimmering lilac panda. it lures men to their deaths with its beautiful voice.
black and orange spotted dragon. it is always accompanied by glowing orbs of light.
glossy pink amoeba. it floats about a foot off of the ground. it dwells in a bog.
glossy white panda. it is a communist. it works as a librarian in hell.
iridescent siamese.
garbage wolf. it drools constantly. it has long braided hair.
celestial bear. its face is actually an electronic screen. it has super obvious tan lines.
white barghest. it has a hoard of gems and gold that was pillaged from innocent villagers. it is an emissary from hell.
tiny white lizard. it has far too many teeth and they are all sharp. it loves trash.
ethereal barghest. smoke pours from its mouth. electricity flickers through the air surrounding it.
holy wolf. it wears a plain white mask. it has heterochromia.
candle rabbit. its face is actually an electronic screen. electricity flickers through the air surrounding it. pastel goth cerberus. it has antlers.
glossy black owl. it has very long hair with many flowers in it. it speaks a forgotten and ancient language both disturbing and enchanting to mortal ears.
golden and silver hellhounds.
ghostly beagle. it is a knife collector.
fawn. it runs. everywhere. all the time. its eyes are pitch black and cause those who look directly into them for too long to slowly grow older.
skeleton ladybug. it loves gore. it does not have organs- instead it is full of flowers.
alien tiger.
purple raven. it has golden horns.
tiny white cerberus. it drools constantly.
wooden mantis. it enjoys performing occult rituals with friends.
green liger. it is a ghost. its eyes flash multiple colors rapidly.

from here
This philosophical super-criminal is an android with biological powers, and is driven by sadism.
This crippled super-villain is posessed by an alien entity
This cute super-criminal has fire powers, and is motivated by unrequited love. She is commonly stealing rare valuables to achieve her goals.
He has an obsessive attraction to a particular alien species
This withdrawn super-criminal was touched by the gods, and is motivated by fear.
She uses battle magic in her plots, always taking control of bands of monsters to achieve her goals. She can see invisible entities.
She has non-human ancestry
This calm super-villain has shapeshifting powers, and is spurred onward by hatred. He is usually engaging in blackmail of media stars to achieve his goals. He has demonic blood
This unremarkable super-villain has vision powers, and is motivated by religious fanaticism. She is commonly stealing rare valuables to achieve her goals. She is searching for a family member.
This mysterious super-criminal was touched by the gods and recieved darkness powers, and is spurred onward by insanity.
This distant super-criminal is a magical construct with teleporation powers, and is driven by curiosity. She is always engaging in blackmail of financial leaders to achieve her goals. She has a chemical dependency.
This loudmouthed super-villain is a mutant with phasing powers, and is driven by power-lust. He is usually kidnapping political leaders to achieve his goals. He has rare occult knowledge

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just imagine saying this aloud or some shit, but seriously content warning [hover]
no explanations behind these quotes, i wrote these in my sketchbook, make sense of it if you can
spatial disorientation, wynncrest, trotter, reigate/reiqate
△ plant a corpse and from the ground will sprout bones
forget your CHILDHOOD! they guided you away from your dust, sprinkling a path to a new pile. the stuffed animals adhere to your dreams. they contort as you whisper.
angels x humans = giants to be killed with a flood. angels cried the ocean while demons walked the earth.
silence plays in the corner
they deny everything... so i'll deny them
who's to say they have a hand in anything? all i know is... they have their eyes on you~!!
weapons of man don't draw blood from our kind [probably from The Golem or some shit]
△ i swelled my knuckles last night. it might've been a mistake. they couldn't hear the blossoming pain from each sharp pound into the wooden frame of my bed as i imagine the walls shaking the pictures in their frames with each blow landed. will i regret it? i found a new painkiller. my throbbing knuckles pull my mind from my thoughts to settle on the pulse in my bones.